Iron Warriors Training Center

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Welcome to Iron Warriors Training Center (formerly South Florida Academy of Martial Arts).  Our new name reflects our ideal.  In this context, "Warrior" refers to one who adheres to budo, the "martial way." This code, like the samurai's Bushido or the medevial knight's code of chivalry, speaks to a positive, ethical and martial way of thinking and living one's life, not merely to combat alone. The word "Iron" is meant to further remind us of the ancient proverb: That "iron sharpens iron." Based on this, we see our training center as a center for self improvement. Our goal is the development of "Iron Warriors," striving to be the best they can be. With respect to real combat and self defense, all of our systems are "combat ready." We offer classes in two traditional martial arts:  Shuri Ryu Karatedo and Shinto Yoshin Kai Jiu Jitsu.  And we also offer classes for those wishing to compete in or practice mixed martial arts (MMA).  But whatever classes or programs students formally undertake, all are exposed to - and expected to master  at least the essential rudiments of wrestling, boxing, kickboxing and "reality-based" self defense.

Seminar at the Iron Warriors Training CenterAll of our instructors are well-qualified in both of our traditional systems, and all are long-time, committed martial artists with experience practicing, competing in, and teaching, several disciplines.  Our students and instructors include people from all walks of life and we offer classes for adults and children of all ages.  Many of our students have been law enforcement officers, former members of the military and others who have been forced to employ their martial training in real-life situations.  Our students have also competed successfully in B.J.J. and submission wrestling, wrestling, kickboxing, karate and MMA, often medaling or winning outright.

Other programs, such as cardio kickboxing, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Hot Yoga are offered as well, and these too are all taught by competent, caring instructors whose focus is to share their passion and sharpen you.

If this sounds like the kind of training center you want to be part of, please contact us at (954) 923-1077.